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Web Design some examples

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We are not limited

Below are some examples of sites we have worked on in the past, however we are not limited to only the following types of Website. There is not a lot we can not do. If you are unsure how much your Website will cost, or just want help with the process of understanding Website design contact us.

Graphic Designed

Example of Graphic Designed Website

Who we use for design

We use the services of Graphic Designers based here in Australia, the following link Mikat Constructions was developed by 2plik8 graphic design studio, and coded by one of our programmers. To develop a site like this, would through us, cost around $2500. Note we are not connected to 2plik8 via contract or other agreement, we just get them and other Graphic Designers to work on sites requiring a visual design.

Cheaper Design

Example of a Cheaper Website

Baby Steps

New House Realty was a custom site developed by our team for a member of the construction industry, the approximate cost for something similar would be $1500. The site featured written and visual content the client could update, and a focus on search engine find-ability for a set of keywords or phrases that people often typed when looking for a new home.

Integration with Web Components

More than just Websites, need SMS, or Email integration

Need a custom Web based solution? Then you have come to the right place. We have been designing Websites for a combined total of 36 years. You may be after some thing simple, and yes we can do that, but what if you need something more than the standard Website, then look our way. We have experience integrated with more complex systems such as connecting clients Websites to their email mailing lists, or sending SMS on demand from a Website. Let us know your requirements and we can come back to you with a quote.

Yes we can connect to that API

Need to plug into an API, or Web Service as a part of your core business, we can do that for you. Or need some encryption, or security feature, hand it to us.

Direct us to a Directory

Christian Graphic Designers Directory

Website Programming

We can custom program a Web solution for you, basically anything goes. The following directory was custom programmed in the PHP and JavaScript Web languages.

Take a leap of faith

Yes it can be hard knowing who to trust with your Website spend, but we will make every effort to ensure that your dollars are spent well on a product that functions the way it was intended.

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