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Small Business Websites

We are a professional Website development business specializing in building glossy Websites for small business, you can now get your business off the ground with a quality Website that will help you gain new customers. With each website we include a basic SEO package designed to help you be found on Google, Bing, and other search networks. The greater the frequency of visits to your site the more sales you will make. See the following page for why it will not dramatically increase sales.

Corporate Components

We have been designing websites for 15 years, we are not limited to small business sites, we have worked with larger corporations, and still do corporate Web design, so if you are a corporate business we can build the component you need, or integrate your Website with your CRM or other business system. We offer Website programming skills to those who need it, creating components, and gadgets for your Websites.

You may be a Graphic Designer looking for a programmer, a business owner who needs to reach out to new customers, or a Marketing Guru needing a site for your clients, what ever your need we will help you meet your goal.

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All Our Designs Include

If you are asking what are the inclusions that come with our Websites, then the following is what we give to you in all of our Website Designs.

#1 Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Some SEO

To be found on the Web you will need to have some SEO applied to your site. Although we don't claim to be Search Engine Optimization genius’s we do know SEO principals, so we try to build in to every website best SEO practices.

What is SEO useful for? It helps you be found on search engines like Google, bing, etc, the more often you are found the more often you will make a sale.

Basic SEO is not a comprehensive SEO plan but rather SEO basics that are aimed at increasing the SEO readiness of the Website. It is intended to increase your likely hood to be found on search networks, but we do not claim it will shoot you to the top of Google. We just apply some of the principals we know to your Website.

Professional Audit Report

After we have applied basic SEO we get a professional independant SEO business to provide an audit report on your new site. We pass on this report to you so that you can see any remaining problems with our basic SEO, which we will attempt to fix. The Basic SEO service gives you a good clean SEO ready site, it will not massively improve page rank, but it will increase your likely hood of being found on Search Networks, and give you the edge over businesses that do not perform any SEO at all.

The following list shows what we do in regard to the basic SEO service.

SEO Inclusions

What we do include:
  • Basic Keyword Research
    To ensure you are using terms in your content that are commonly searched for we research which terms are search for the most, and recommend changes to copy where needed.
  • Increase Trust Level
    We increase trust, by having legal documents on your site, removing ads that are seen as a financial risk, trying to gain positive testimonials, help you set up a Google Business page, ensure you are easily contactable, or have customer service.
  • Structure Website For Hits
    We use knowledge of the way search engines view a page to structure content in a way that helps you to be found
  • Maintain Engagement
    Try to get your customers to stay on the page for longer.
  • Fast Loading
    We try to maintain fast load times, by caching etc, to gain page rank.
  • Pass Mobile Test
    We ensure every site passes the mobile phone accessibility tests, to gain page rank
  • Provide SEO Audit
    We get an SEO business to Audit your new site

#2 Visual Design and Included Stock Art

Professional Design

We include up to $150 of stock art (professional photos) in every website design, so you get a slick looking website design. We also create a professional design for every site we release, involving visual and functional planning, to help funnel your customers to the things that are important to your business.

Professional Designer

You can choose to have a professional graphic designer work on your site, or if you like reduce the website cost by having a junior designer do your website design. Whatever you choose we will attempt to give you a design that presents you in a professional manner.

#3 You Can Update Site Content

Updatable Content

You will be able to update the websites content when it is completed. We use a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress for our sites. We try to design sites in a way that makes it easy for you to edit and add your own content. A benefit for you is that you will not have to continually pay us for minor updates to your site.

Custom Design

Although we use Wordpress we build using custom templates so your site does not look like a carbon copy of other sites out there, your design will be unique.

#4 Mobile Phone and Device Ready

Responsive Design

We will ensure that your website can be viewed easily on a mobile phone or device, using what is called responsive design. You would be surprised at the number of people who use mobile phones to access websites, as an example if you use Facebook ads the largest percentage of users are on mobile devices.

Mobile Accessible

It is important then to have a Website that is mobile accessible, we will ensure your site can be used on mobile.


#5 WordPress used for Design

Wordpress (CMS)

Wordpress is a popular Content Management System, that has support for a wide variety of add ons (called plug-ins). Plug-ins offer many features useful to businesses, to both display content, or manage other tasks a business may perform. Because of it extensibility we design many of our websites using WordPress. We have learned how to create custom themes, plug-ins etc, this is useful in creating elements that don't come out of the box, or if we can't find an existing component to use on your site we can create one.

Custom Coding

  • Plug-ins for WordPress
    We can create custom built plug-ins to extend the functionality of your websites.
  • Professional WordPress Themes
    We also create custom themes to use in your blog or site, meaning your site can be different to the out of the box sites out there.
  • WordPress Ecommerce Themes
    We can also create custom themes for WooCommerce, enabling your shopping carts to have that freshly designed edge

#6 Some Past Projects

Ec Financial

Financial Planning

Mobile Ready

This site was not Designed by us, but we did the HTML coding to get the design to work as a Website. You might have a Visual Design but don't know how to code it, we can code it for you.


Building Industry

Mobile Ready

Full site design by us for the Firmly-Planted design package, a quick site to display brand presence for New House Realty. Designed to be easy to edit, and hosted on a recoverable Server.


Local Radiology Business

Mobile Ready

This was a Website that was Designed by Mesh Creative a Graphic Design House and programmed by our Website designer. We can take designs that you make and turn them into a Website. This site was designed for both mobile phone, ipad and desktop.

Life Span Phychology

Psychology Practice

Mobile Ready

This was a Website for a Psychology Practice that was Designed by Mesh Creative a Graphic Design House and programmed by our Website designer. It was one of the first responsive designs we worked on, we have come a long way since.

Wendy Makin

Bridal Website

Not for Mobile just Web

The Wendy Makin site was designed by Andy of Corporate Identity, and we did the web coding. This site was focused on desktops when designed, and only has a small amount of mobile functionality.


Financial Planning Website

Not for Mobile just Web

SV Partners an accounting firm requested a Website that could be updated by themselves. The sites content is 100% updatable. The site has many updatable blocks that can be changed by the site administrator. This website was not designed for the mobile phone, just desktops.


Corporate Web Design

Not for Mobile just Web

Hall Funding requested a Website that could be updated by themselves. The sites content is 100% updatable. This site was designed before mobile phones became key to online success.


Carpet Cleaning

Mobile Ready

Carpet Cleaning Website designed by us for Aussie Budget Carpet Cleaning, and coded by our Web Programmer. This was one of our cheapest packages, the Firmly-Planted package. Content is editable by the client.

We will give you a business website with the above features, aimed at presenting your business in a professional and modern manner for the following great prices:

Intrest FREE Payment plans

Payment plans are available for the Firmly-Planted Package (shown below) to help you pay off your site. You can pay off your site over time. Start with a deposit of $250 + pay for your hosting fees of $300, then pay off the remaining $700 @ $25 per week there after. At this point we can not offer payment plans for the High-Jump or Outer-Space packages.



(some design, senior web programmer, 3 page Website, $15 per additional text page, or $100** per additional designed page)



(junior graphic designer, senior web programmer, 3 page Website, $15 per additional text page, or $150** per additional designed page)



(senior graphic designer, senior web programmer, 3 page Website, $15 per additional text page, or $200** per additional designed page)

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* Includes Web Hosting for first year, no hidden fees. If you do not need Web hosting subtract $300 off price. Price includes GST, is GST inclusive. We host on a recoverable server meaning backups are kept weekly in the case of damage to the site by hackers the site can be recovered in that week. However if dammage is not detected with in a week it is unrecoverable. Many of the cheaper hosting providers do not provide this service.

** The higher additional pages rate only applies if you wish to add graphic design to a page, simple text content pages are not as expensive and are charged at $15 per additional page.

To see a complete list of our prices go to the prices page.

Corporate Website Design

We have worked with professional businesses, creating corporate components such as financial calculators. If you have your own designs or designers we can work with them to convert their designs into to something special. If you don’t have your own designers don’t worry we can create a design for you.

Looking to Hire Developers

We offer Web Computer Programming services at an hourly rate to Graphic Designers, and other organizations or companies that may be looking to hire a Website computer programmer.

Our Computer Programming / Web Programming services are charged out at a rate of $35 per hour. Our computer programmer has 15 years experience in Web Development, has a Bachelor Degree in Computing (computer programming / mathematics) from the University of Tasmania, and has also studied some graphic design.

If you are wanting to know more about our coder see Robert Palmer's Profile.

  • API / CRM Development
    We can integrate with CRM, and other systems such as email systems using API’s, we have integrated with systems such as Xero (Accounting Package), Mandrill (Email System), and Traitel (SMS system)
  • Any Programming
    We can do most kinds of PHP programming you require. We have 15 years experience in programming in PHP.
  • Skills to Compliment your Business
    We have worked with professional businesses creating components for corporate websites so are confident to do those things that you may not have the in house skill to do.
  • Wordpress Programming
    We can also create custom professional WordPress themes, and plug-ins etc, and have worked with Ecommerce systems such as WooCommerce.
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I would highly recommend Robert Palmer [of Guardian Online Development] ... Robert has very good communication skills and is well organized and very reliable. Robert works independently … and is able to follow through to ensure the jobs get done. He is flexible and willing to work on any project assigned to him.

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